The Full SIPP

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The Full SIPP

Our most flexible SIPP offers the greatest choice for your clients to control their retirement savings, with no restrictions on the number of investments that can be held and access to a wider range of investment opportunities, including commercial property and certain non-standard investments.

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Our dedicated property team are experts in dealing with property acquisitions via a pension scheme; ensuring that they are carried out in accordance with HMRC guidelines whilst minimising risk. The property team are highly experienced and oversee an extensive portfolio of properties. Please visit our property page for more information.

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Wider investment flexibility with direct access to funds and a wide range of asset classes. We have a specialist investment team that carry out rigorous due diligence and monitoring on all non-standard investments required of us, keeping with our aim to be the most robust SIPP provider in the market.

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Each SIPP has an experienced administration team with access to our specialist consultants and is supported by our automated adviser charging.

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We have over 40 years of expertise in pensions across the Embark Group and have an AKG Financial strength Rating of B+.

We provide guidance on the administration requirements and acceptability of assets in the SIPP. Please get in touch if the client’s investment choice is non-standard.

If your client’s investment needs change, they can simplify and convert to the Option SIPP. No matter how they choose to invest, they will always benefit from our expertise and service.

Fees schedule

View our fees for establishing and administering our Full SIPP.

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A Full SIPP can hold a wider range of asset classes. We consider most HMRC permitted investments and apply our own due diligence filter to other opportunities.

Commercial property

Our Full SIPP’s property administration is managed by our own specialist team.

Case studies

Our case studies show how our SIPPs can give your clients better control of their pension savings.

Investment flexibility

This member invested in a discretionary portfolio via an Option SIPP and later switched to the full investment Full SIPP to buy property.

Property purchase

Borrowing and transferring existing benefits enabled this business owner to buy property, putting their pension to work.

Enhanced benefits

Jointly purchasing the freehold of premises leased by this business owner’s company created a stream of rental income to help build retirement savings.


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