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The Option Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

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The Option Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

An accessible, easy to understand and cost effective personal pension. Saving for retirement is personal. We’ve designed the Option SIPP to give clients the ultimate flexibility when managing their retirement savings.

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No hidden charges or time costed fees. Our calculator will allow you to see the upfront charges, along with the fees in subsequent years.


An Option SIPP can be set-up online, within just 10 minutes. All anti-money laundering checks are undertaken by our partners, GB Group.


The Option SIPP can be designed to suit a client’s individual circumstances, with the freedom to adapt to their changing needs or objectives.


We are part of the Embark Group, a privately owned and independent entity, and have achieved an AKG Financial Strength Rating of B (Strong).


The Option SIPP offers great value for money, with no hidden fees or charges. Our fee calculator shows what the client will pay.

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A wide range of investments can be held in the Option SIPP. You can use a platform, stockbroker or discretionary manager.

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Learn how to register to work with us, the process for signing-up clients and using our Adviser Portal. There’s also a helpful Q&A.

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Fee comparison

It’s all well and good to say your services are cost effective, we prove it.

Calculations are based on transferring £250,000 from one existing pension scheme and investing with a discretionary fund manager (DFM). The fees used in this example are exclusive of VAT.

Option SIPP

£ 240 in the first year

  • £190 (subsequent years)
  • £0 (establishment fee)
  • £50 (cash transfer in fee)
  • £190* (annual fee)

* Charged annually in advance

AJ Bell

£ 440 in the first year

  • £260 (subsequent years)
  • £120 (establishment fee)
  • £60 (cash transfer in fee)
  • £260** (annual fee)

** £65 per quarter for fund values over £200k

Curtis Banks

£ 360 in the first year

  • £310 (subsequent years)
  • £0 (establishment fee)
  • £50 (cash transfer in fee)
  • £310* (annual fee)

* Charged annually in advance

Fees can be a murky area. Our fee calculator gives absolute clarity on the fees that apply for the Option SIPP.

Calculate fees


For details of our banking partners and interest rates, please see banking information.

About Embark Group

We have over 40 years of expertise in pensions across the Embark Group and have an AKG Financial strength Rating of B+ very strong. Download our corporate information pack.


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*All figures as at July 2021.


Through my experiences I have found the Embark Pensions team very efficient and reliable. They offer an excellent personal service to their clients. I already have and will continue to recommend them to other advisers.

  • James Barlow, Chorley


I started using the Option SIPP last year to keep my pension costs low. The service has been 5 STAR. I now have the flexibility to buy shares and commercial property. The transfer was quick and hassle free.

  • Gregory Lay, Derby


The Option SIPP accepts a broad range of investments that simple, off-the-shelf SIPP providers would not be able to handle properly. Even people working at the funds I’ve invested say how helpful they’ve been.

  • Christian Tym, Surrey


I am transferring my SIPP to Embark Pensions where the charges are explicit, clear and not bundled or subject to increases without explanation. The team are very personal and efficient and a pleasure to deal with.

  • Nigel Lavender, Bourne