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Let’s get started!

So you’ve made the easy decision to start using one of our SIPPs. What next?

Find out how to use our online portal, what happens after you have applied, the process for managing existing clients and how your clients can access their pension. If you have any further queries, please get in touch.

How it all works

The first thing you need to do is register with us. Please complete our agent registration form and terms of business, then email a scanned copy to [email protected] or send us the original via post.

We will use this information to set up an online account for all users listed on your form, and send you login details by email.

You can then login to your account using the ‘Adviser Login’ button at the top of this site.

We’ve worked hard to create a simple and time saving application process. You must first be a registered agent, with access to the Adviser Portal.

Start by logging in and select ‘Start a New Application’. Complete each section in turn and remember you can save the form at any stage, then go back by using the ‘Return to Saved New Application’ button.

If you have used a paper application form to collect data from your client, make sure each section directly correlates with the content you submit online.


  • To go paperless and activate the application online, make sure you add the client’s email address under Personal Details. Unfortunately, if your clients share an email address you will not be able to use the same email twice.
  • Anti-money laundering checks will be completed once the application has been activated. Please include any previous addresses in the Verification of Identity section, along with a passport and driving license number, if available.

Clients can activate their application in one of two ways: via email or paper.

  • Email activation. If your clients are happy to activate their account online, select this option at the end of the online application. Once selected, your client will receive an email containing an activation link. They will need to click this link to activate their application.
  • Paper activation. To use this option, please send us a signed paper application form or a signed online declaration form, once you have submitted the application online.

For both methods, you will be notified when the account has been activated. Once this has been done, our SIPP team will start setting up the account.

Go to the Adviser Portal and select Produce an Illustration. This will take you to our illustration tool, where you will be asked to login.

Once logged in, select ‘workflows’ from the list of options. You can then choose either Income Withdrawal or Retirement Accumulation.

Income Withdrawal

Use this option if the client wishes to take retirement income from their SIPP or if they have already crystallised funds and would like to transfer them over to their new SIPP.

Retirement Accumulation

This option is for  growth illustrations up to the member’s proposed retirement age.

Important! If you have a client with a partially crystallised pension fund, you might have to do more than one illustration. You will need to perform a retirement accumulation illustration for the uncrystallised fund and then an income withdrawal illustration for each drawdown arrangement.

Once you’ve completed all the necessary data fields in the illustration tool, the system will produce a PDF report that you can print and save.

Don’t have time to finish your application?

Don’t worry. After each section in the workflow you can click ‘Save’ and then return at any time.

To find a saved application, select Income Withdrawal or Retirement Accumulation, then ‘Find Existing Case’. You can then use the different search fields to locate your saved illustration.

Start by selecting ‘Find Your Client’ on the Adviser Portal homepage. You will find a number of ways to search for your client, for example by using their basic details, investment details or a specific adviser’s clients.

Once you select the client you are looking for, you will be taken through to the Your Client Plan summary page. This page includes:

  • Asset summary and valuations
  • Crystallised and uncrystallised funds
  • Pending transactions (contributions, transfers and drawdown payments)
  • Completed transactions, in and out of the SIPP bank account

From this page you can also view the client’s basic details using the ‘details’ tab at the top of the page. There is also a document management tool, which contains any client documentation we have sent out in the post.

On the left-hand side of the page you will see the client’s name in an orange tab. Click this for details of transfers, contributions and drawdown information. You will notice that several client workflows appear below this tab, click through each one for further details.