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Below you will find the latest articles covering a wide range of issues and topics relevant to financial advisers. Articles are written by contributors from Embark’s businesses as well as other partners and providers and are not promotional or sponsored.

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Investor Confidence Barometer

Exclusive to Embark: Our biannual survey of investor confidence, and the only place advisers can compare the views of peers, advised investors and unadvised investors.

Are you ready for Consumer Duty?

Check out our four Consumer Duty guides which unpack how to evidence you are delivering good outcomes for your clients across the FCA’s four Consumer Duty outcomes.

The Insider guide to drawdown

Approaches to drawdown are many, reflecting a wealth of possible strategies and a range of client needs. Here, we interview five adviser firms to get their insights on how they approach drawdown.

The Consumer Duty: Principles and Foreseeable Harm

By Alastair Black, abrdn

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Alastair Black, Head of Industry Change, takes a closer look at the Consumer Duty’s ‘avoid foreseeable harm’ cross-cutting rule and explains the significance of the principles-based approach behind the regulation.

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Budget Summary Briefing

By Embark Group

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The key headlines from a savings and investment perspective.

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Why 'nature positive' will be as big as net zero

By Jenn-Hui Tan, Fidelity International

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With around half of global GDP moderately or highly dependent on nature, it is no surprise that biodiversity is moving up the agenda of companies, policy makers and investors. Global Head of Stewardship & Sustainable Investing Jenn-Hui Tan discusses the risk biodiversity loss poses to investors and outlines what needs to happen to unlock the financing needed to effectively tackle this issue.

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"30-baggers": why the UK has more than its fair share

By Jean Roche & James Goodman Roche, Schroders

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There are many “old” economy names among the select group of UK companies which have appreciated in value by 30 times or more. We put it to you that “boring” industries have the potential to produce some very exciting investments.

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Inching closer towards rate cuts

By Ariel Bezalel & Harry Richards, Jupiter Asset Management

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Ariel Bezalel and Harry Richards say global growth will continue to slow in the coming months, dragging inflation further down, increasing the likelihood of rate cuts towards the end of the year.

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How Likely is Recession Across Markets?

By Lale Akoner, BNY Mellon Investment Management

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Dwindling central bank liquidity, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and a rolling deglobalisation trend all look set to shape investment market fortunes throughout 2023 with varying degrees of recession likely across major markets.

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