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New evidence of the value of advice

By Scott Sinclair, Embark Group

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Even seasoned investors were spooked by the market turbulence of the last 12 months, but who can blame them, when global stocks had their best and worst sessions in a decade on consecutive days, as they did a little under a year ago?

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Embark launches its Retirement Outcomes educational website and Investment Pathways solution

By David Lowe

Embark Group news, Press Release

Embark Group announces the launch of its Retirement Outcomes educational website and Investment Pathways decision tool, as it continues its drive to provide digitally-enabled solutions for the UK investment savings and retirement market.

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Embark selects BlackRock for its Retirement Pathways funds

By Ross Fisher, Embark Group

Press Release

Embark Group (Embark) today announces it has selected BlackRock as its fund solution provider for its Retirement Pathways proposition.

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The tail wagging the pension income dog

By Geoff Brooks, CEO, Alpha Beta Partners

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The expected return of a typical investment strategy has a distribution which normally provides a positive return over time, but also carries a small but significant risk of suffering a big loss - known as a ‘left tail’ event.

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Company with liquidity issues? An alternative solution

By James Cannon, Regional Sales Director, Embark Pensions

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In September Small and medium-sized non-financial businesses drew down an extra £1.6 billion in loans (on net), meaning that the amount borrowed compared to last year had risen 22.8%, the strongest on record.

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Intergenerational wealth transfer – Opportunity or challenge?

By Gillian Hepburn, UK Intermediary Solutions Director, Schroders

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Research shows that over the next decade £1 trillion of assets will flow to future generations - a significant business opportunity. However not many advisers are facilitating family conversations to help manage this transfer.

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