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The Insider guide to drawdown

Approaches to drawdown are many, reflecting a wealth of possible strategies and a range of client needs. Here, we interview five adviser firms to get their insights on how they approach drawdown.

AI has a dream (and it’s not about Electric Sheep)

By Sajeer Ahmed, Investment Manager, Global Equities, Aegon Asset Management

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Generative AI has captured the public imagination since the public release of ChatGPT-3 in November 2022. Users have been able to use generative AI to code, complete homework, and even create award winning photographs, but ChatGPT is not the only contender in the ring. Sajeer Ahmed, Aegon AM, explores the potential for generative AI contenders currently competing in the market.

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With cash earning 5%, why risk money on the stock market?

By Duncan Lamont, Head of Strategic Research, Schroders

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Savings rates have trebled in 12 months, and UK savers can earn over 5% on one-year deposits. So doesn’t it make sense to cut risk and stick to the safety of cash? Duncan Lamont, Schroders, looks into how cash savings have stood against inflation over the past few decades and how this compares to stock market investments.

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China, the US, and the three-body problem: US-China relations and lessons from history

By William Scholes, Co-Fund Manager, Emerging Markets Sustainable Fund, Premier Miton

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The United States’s policy toward China is sometimes described as comprising three parts: the co-operative, the competitive and the adversarial. Each is distinct and influences overall policy toward China. What about predicting the movement of these three influential bodies? Is there a pattern, and so a historical precedent? Is that pattern one that repeats, or does it evolve? Or are we observing chaos?

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Thematic opportunities in a new regime

By Richard Bullock, Newton Investment Management

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Last year ushered in a new investing regime, driven by three key global events, says Newton macro and geopolitical analyst Richard Bullock, and while creating volatility, he believes these events have also generated investment opportunities.

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