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Articles by Geoff Brooks, CEO, Alpha Beta Partners

Geoff Brooks, CEO, Alpha Beta Partners

Geoff has over 30 years' experience in strategic and leadership roles in major financial institutions in Europe, Asia and the USA; Geoff developed his career as a retirement and investment expert advising and developing drawdown and retirement solutions. His early career started with four major life companies NPI, Standard Life, Prudential and Friends Provident. At the forefront of consumer rights and value for money, Geoff led the HSBC customers to contract back into SERPS as the first Life company to do so. Geoff is now playing a leading role in Alpha Beta Partners, a disruptive asset manager bringing retirement expertise and championing value for money and consumer outcomes.

The tail wagging the pension income dog

By Geoff Brooks, CEO, Alpha Beta Partners

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The expected return of a typical investment strategy has a distribution which normally provides a positive return over time, but also carries a small but significant risk of suffering a big loss - known as a ‘left tail’ event.

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